38. Declaration by Armenian merchant Wartabiet of the receipt of 200 reams of paper from Lucal van Coppenhol and Frederick Schulerus

Amsterdam City Archives
Inv. no.: NL-SAA 5075, inv. no. 3606, fol. no. 86/scan no. 94
SENDER: Anthony van de Ven
ADDRESSEE: Wartabiet; Lucal van Coppenhol; Frederick Schulerus

Attestatie (general witness testimony) notarial deed, dated 25 February 1668, drafted by notary Anthony van de Ven. Armenian merchant Wartabiet confirms that he has received 200 regular and brown reams of paper from merchants Lucas van Coppenol and Frederick Schulerus, and describes the agreements that were stipulated regarding the payments. The deed contains a small addendum in Armenian script, wherein it is stated that the Armenian priest Voskan purchased some of Wartabiet’s paper. Deeds confirming receipt and payment were probably used to prevent any subsequent fraudulent claims by one or both parties (of non-receipt or non-payment respectively).

(Tessa de Boer and Ramona Negrón)