61. Invoice for silk cloth from Francesco di Marco Datini & co. (Avignon) to Francesco di Marco Datini & co. (Barcelona)

Archivio di Stato di Prato: Datini
busta 850, inserto 4, cod. 9291405
GENERAL INFORMATION: Dated October 1408.

This invoice for silk cloths refers to the shipment in 1408 of assorted draperies in fine silk, satin velvet and taffeta, among others, from Florentine silk merchants the Panciatichi, to Barcelona, where the Datini company was responsible for their sale to illustrious customers who included members of the Aragonese court. The invoice accurately describes the quantities, quality, colours and their combinations, as well as the measurements and decorations of 24 pieces of silk. For each piece or set of pieces, there is a graphic reproduction of the ornamental motif in the right-hand margin of the document.

(Chiara Marcheschi)