90. Last will and testament of Anton Fugger

Fugger Archive
FA 19.2
SENDER: Anton Fugger
GENERAL INFORMATION: Original, paper, 31.2 x 21.1 cm. Dated 1 November 1560.

On 26 July 1560, Anton Fugger determined in his third will that after his death (14 September) his sons were to give sums of money to a large number of persons from his immediate private and business circles. In total, there were 57 legacies granting a sum of 10,900 gulden or florins (fl.), together with another 1,000 fl. for alms. The disbursement of the money was carried out by Moritz Kronecker, administrator of the Fuggerei. Just over half of the legacies amounted to 200 florins. The recipients included long-time chief accountant Matthäus Schwarz, as well as the ‘Pfleger’(heads of administration) of larger estates, and Fugger’s personal waiter, cook and stable-keeper. Schwarz’s son was one of 19 who received 100 gulden each. Among the other 19 were ‘Pfleger’ of smaller estates, Anton Fugger’s personal servants and maids. The top amounts were received by two lawyers with 1200 fl. each, the representative in Spain with 400 fl., as well as four important commercial clerks from the financial administration with 300 fl. each.
Matthäus Schwarz gave Marx and Hans Fugger a cash receipt for these 200 florins. In doing so, he confirmed that he had received this amount for his ‘obedient service’. The text was prewritten by his son and then confirmed by Schwarz’s personal seal and his signature.

(Franz Karg)