53. Letter from Rosso di Strozza Strozzi to Luca del Sera

Archivio di Stato di Prato: Datini
busta 754, inserto 3, cod. 313400
SENDER: Rosso di Strozza Strozzi
ADDRESSEE: Luca del Sera
GENERAL INFORMATION: Dated 5 October 1392.

The letter is written by the Florentine Rosso di Strozza Strozzi after his arrival in Caffa, in the Crimean peninsula. As Rosso writes, he is in Caffa ‘for the Portinari’. With a merchant’s eye, he describes the situation in which he finds himself operating: ‘We have found this country worse for trade than it has been for a long time’, a situation he attributes to inflation (E ène cagione la carestia ci è di vettuaglia).

(Chiara Marcheschi)