62. Letter with samples of cloth in four different colours

Archivio di Stato di Prato: Datini
busta 1173, cod. 1620
GENERAL INFORMATION: Datable between 1402 and 1403

The document, datable between 1402 and 1403, comes from the Datini company in Barcelona. It is unique on account of its four samples with selvedge in four different colours (purple, green, azure blue and scarlet). The quantity supplied and the colour designation are given for each sample. The last sample comes with a specific description of the type of weaving required and instructions to dye the selvedge in the same colour. There are also instructions to reduce the size of the bale, the methods to use to package the cloth, the place and method for its sale (in retail at Barcelona) and a warning against sending too much of the scarlet type.

(Chiara Marcheschi)