91. Pawn form

Fondazione Banco di Napoli: Banco di San Giacomo e Vittoria
giornale copiapolizze matr. 452, recto
GENERAL INFORMATION: Dated 24 December 1686.

Pawn form of 135 ducats issued and redeemed in Naples, on 24 December 1686, in favour of Giuseppe Viola. The pledge at 6 per cent is for six ducats, four Milanese ducats, five piastras (two Florentine and three Roman), half a genovino (‘una mezza genovina’), 31 Spanish doubloons, one sequin and one Italian half-doubloon, a pair of Milanese two-pearl earrings and a ring with a turquoise; altogether weighing 4 ounces in silver, and 10 ounces and 10 trappesi in gold.

(Claudia Grossi and Gloria Guida)