49. Quittance and letter of payment issued by Francisco de Sagastizábal

Archivo Simón Ruiz
ASR, CC, C 203, 280
SENDER: Claude le Roux
ADDRESSEE: Francisco de Sagastizábal
GENERAL INFORMATION: Quittance and letter of payment issued by Francisco de Sagastizábal for the 50,000 Spanish golden escudos he has received from the Bonvisi of Lyon. Montluel, 4 January 1580, before the notary Claude le Roux. Dated 4 January 1580.

These asientos were contracts with the Royal Treasury that involved a financial credit operation whereby a private individual or consortium of businessmen advanced a sum to the Crown. An extensive and complex network of international relations made it possible to get the money to a specific place on time: either by sending remittances in hard cash (which was extremely dangerous and very slow) or by trafficking in bills of exchange (the most widespread form) to be paid at the contracting fairs. Although the fortune of Simón Ruiz cannot be compared to that of the Fuggers, Grimaldi or Spinola, between 1576 and 1597 he acted as an asentista with a relatively modest capital. Most of the asientos he provided in this period were intended to support the Spanish monarchy’s troops stationed in Flanders and the Low Countries as a result of the Eighty Years’ War. This is the case of the present document: by virtue of a loan made to His Majesty for a total amount of 100,000 escudos, Simón Ruiz makes out a bill to the Bonvisi for 50,000 escudos to be paid at the Kings’ Fair in Lyon to Francisco de Sagastizábal, resident in that city. Sagastizábal has a power of attorney from the paymaster of the armies of Flanders, Juan de Lastur, and he is to send this amount to the Prince of Parma, Alessandro Farnese, governor of the Spanish Netherlands.

(Fernando Ramos González)