50. Records of a request to the Consulate of the Sea in Pisa

Archivo Simón Ruiz
ASR, CC, C 203, 140-141
GENERAL INFORMATION: Records of a request to the Consulate of the Sea in Pisa for the collection, after a shipwreck, of a maritime insurance policy by Castilian wool merchants (Italian and Spanish versions). Manuscript on paper/bifolios, 31 x 21.5 cm. Dated Pisa, 9 March 1603.

These documents contain, in both Italian and Spanish, the testimonies of the owners of the goods that were lost after the ship Santa María de Montenegro was wrecked near the port of Livorno. The Castilian merchants make their claims before the consuls of the sea and customs of Pisa, each one identifying himself with his corresponding mark of trade and indicating the value of each of the damaged sacks. The cargo, for which Camilo Suárez de la Concha and Antonio de Valderrama – resident in Florence and partners in the Ruiz company – were consignees, had been lost on 27 November 1602. The corresponding indemnities would be established on the basis of this investigation, according to the previously contracted insurance.

(Antonio Sánchez del Barrio)