74. Registry of income and expenses, with a section on letters (1665/1699–1710), Raffaello Del Vernaccia in Livorno

Biblioteca Roncioniana, Prato: Caccini Del Vernaccia Archive
section A, no. 240
SENDER: Raffaello Del Vernaccia

This registry is the first document traceable to Raffaello Del Vernaccia, son of Florentine patrician Antonio and nephew of Senator Ugolino Del Vernaccia, as well as head of the Livorno branch of the family company. Raffaello Del Vernaccia became a trader in his own right through the companies Vernaccia, Maglietti & Vernaccia, which he set up in 1695 together with the merchant Domenico Maglietti, and then Vernaccia, Davanzati & Pietrasanta, established in 1698 with the Florentine patricians Andrea Davanzati and Domenico Pietrasanta. The document registers daily expenses, investments and a series of other economic transactions alongside the exchange of information through letter-writing. Like other accounting documents, in which the first immediate advantage of this method was the possibility of feedback and self-checking, this register made two registrations for each operation, in two distinct accounts, in opposite sections (debit/credit), for overall equal amounts, so that the total of the values recorded in the two sections was always the same. In other words, Vernaccia was using the well-established method of double-entry bookkeeping first described by Cotrugli and then spread abroad thanks to authors like Luca Pacioli.

(Matteo Calcagni)