81. Simón Ruiz’s general ledger, 1556–59

Archivo Simón Ruiz
ASR, CC, L 54, ff. 70
SENDER: Simón Ruiz
PLACE OF DEPARTURE: Medina del Campo
GENERAL INFORMATION: Manuscript on paper/97 folios (‘debit’ and ‘credit’ entries).

Alonso de Betolaza and Lucas de Zárate, neighbours from Seville, appear as debtors of Simón Ruiz under the account of Pedro de Tamayo, also a neighbour in Seville, who at that time had interests in the sugar business in the West Indies and a partner on the island of Hispaniola. The maravedís paid by Betolaza on account in May 1559 correspond to a ‘loan’ or compensation on account that Simón Ruiz made by means of payment of the previous bill of exchange.

(Fernando Ramos González)